Kežmarok Castle

Kežmarok Castle is the only completely preserved castle in Spiš.

Permanent expositions of the castle:

  • Guilds and crafts
  • Town Hall Room – The room contains parts of equipment from the former Kežmarok Town Hall and symbols of Kežmarok’s privileges.
  • Exposition of weapons – firearms – crossbows, hook rifles and pistols, but also various types of cold weapons – swords, daggers, along with armour.
  • Shooting Society – Exposition of the shooting “brotherhood” in Kežmarok, which was founded in 1510.
  • Thokoly family – The most famous owner of Kežmarský Castle was Imrich Thokoly, in the castle there is an exposition dedicated to his family.
  • Exposition of the pharmacy at Kežmarok Castle – dedicated to the association of Spiš doctors and pharmacists, equipment and furnishings of the pharmacy, which originally came from the neighbouring village of Ľubica from the 19th – 20th century.
  • Life and work of Dr. Alexander – Dr. Vojtech Alexander (1857 – 1916), who was the first physician in Slovakia to acquire a rontgen machine and made a significant contribution to the research on the invention of the “X” rays.
  • The Hunger Tower, a lookout tower – it commemorates the unfortunate fate of the rich castle mistress Beata Lasky, who was imprisoned by her husband Albert Lasky. The lookout tower provides a magnificent view of the town and the High Tatras.
  • Kežmarok in the 19th and early 20th century
  • Castle chapel – it is said that an escape tunnel led from the tomb in the chapel to the manor house in Strážky.
  • Kežmarok and the High Tatras – an exposition dedicated to the relations of Kežmarok inhabitants to the Tatras, the beginnings of mountain tourism, as well as the settlement of the region under the Tatras.

Recommended visit time: 2,5 h
Distance from hotel: 20,7 km

Hradné námestie 42
06001 Kežmarok
GPS: 49.1394704, 20.4332238

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