Cottage Plesnivec

Chalet Plesnivec (1290 m) is located in the Belianske Tatras at the end of the Valley of Seven Springs. It is the only alpine chalet in the Belianske Tatras.

The easiest access to the cottage is from the villages Tatranská Kotlina and Kežmarské Žľaby. More demanding routes from Zdiar, Tatranská Javorina, or from the Chata pri Zelenom plese.

Tatranská Kotlina: blue – green sign 1h 20 min
Kežmarské Žľaby: blue – yellow sign 1h 50 min
Tatranská Javorina: blue – red – green sign 4h 45 min
Chata pri Zelenom plese: red – green sign 2h

Recommended visit time: 4,5 h
Distance from hotel: 6,9 km

05960 Vysoké Tatry
GPS: 49.224617, 20.2762021

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