Sauna etiquette

The sauna world is a place of relaxation, beneficial peace and quiet. Therefore, when you enter this world, respect its written and unwritten rules.

    • For a pleasant atmosphere in the sauna, silence is required.
    • If you want to enjoy our sauna world to the fullest, set aside enough time / at least 2 hours, ideally more
    • Don’t come hungry, but don’t come with a full stomach either.
    • Please ensure you have a sauna kilt / sauna towel to wrap both men and women before entering, or a sauna sheet. Move around barefoot or in clean flip flops, which are always left outside the sauna.
    • Float-free zone – nudism or necessity? Only naked sauna use contributes to healthy relaxation in the wellness centre, so drop your inhibitions, step outside your comfort zone and your body will thank you. You can use a sheet everywhere except in the steam sauna and jacuzzi.
    • Always start with a thorough shower, wash your skin with soap and warm water, dry yourself with a towel to make your skin sweat well. Treat yourself to a short foot bath (2-4 minutes at a temperature of 38-40°C), this will encourage better sweating in the sauna.
    • Enter the sauna quickly to prevent it from getting too cold.
    • For beginners, it is advisable to lie on your back with your legs raised. Occasionally you can move to a lower or higher level. A few minutes before you leave the sauna, sit down to let your circulation get used to it.
    • The hot air rises and therefore the temperature is higher closer to the ceiling. If you don’t feel well, move immediately to an area where you feel better.
    • After leaving the sauna, first let the air cool you down, then rinse the sweat from your body in the shower and enjoy the beneficial effect of the cooling pool with cold water (optimum temperature up to 10°C). Don’t forget to take a shower and relax in the tepidarium.
    • It’s only immersion in cold water that makes a hot sauna an experience you’ll get addicted to over time.
    • Remember to rest for at least 15 minutes between each sauna session. Repeat the whole ritual 3 times.
    • Don’t forget to drink. Drink water or mineral water.
    • After the sauna, wash yourself without using soap, which damages the natural pH of your skin. Lather up with body lotion, give yourself plenty of time in the changing room to cool down, then get dressed. Do not rush, otherwise the sweating process will continue.
    • After a good sauna session, your body is ready for a possible massage.
    • Access to saunas and swimming pools is not allowed to persons with symptoms of acute illness (fever, cough, cold, diarrhoea, etc.) or persons with communicable upper respiratory tract infections and open wounds on the body.

    Swimwear does not belong in the Sauna World. In temperatures above 50°C, they release harmful substances, so you’re sitting on a time bomb. Therefore, use a sheet, kilt or towel. This is also so that you don’t leave wet spots behind.
    Sauna bathing is beneficial, but it is also physically demanding as a recreational workout.