Sauna Etiquette

The SPA is a place for peaceful silence and relax. Therefore, when entering this place, we respect its both written and unwritten rules.

  • For a calming, and comforting atmosphere it is kindly asked of you to remain quite while in the SPA.
  • If you really want to enjoy the SPA make sure you have enough time to spend there. (at least two hours but ideally more)
  • Do not come in hungry but also make sure not to come with a full stomach.
  • Make sure you ask for a sauna kilt / sauna towel or a sheet to cover up before the entry. Walk around barefoot or in clean slides that you always take of before entering sauna.
  • No-swimsuit area – nudity or a necessity? Entering sauna naked truly helps towards healthy relax in the SPA. Therefore, get out of your comfort zone and your body will thank you. You can use a sheet or a towel everywhere apart from the Steam room and the Jacuzzi.
  • Always start with a thorough shower, wash your skin with a soap, rinse with warm water and dry with a towel. This helps the skin to sweat. Treat yourself with a feet bath / 2 – 4 minutes at a temperature of 38 – 40C, which will also help the sweating in sauna.
  • Enter the sauna quickly to prevent it from cooling down too much.
  • For the beginners it is advised to lay on the back with both feet up. You can always switch to a higher or a lower level. A few minutes before leaving the sauna you should switch to a sitting position to let the circulatory system accumulate.
  • Hot air always goes up and therefore the temperature is higher closer to the ceiling. In case you do not feel well move to the lower level, which will help you feel better.
  • Right after leaving the sauna you will feel the pleasant touch of cold air on your skin. Afterwards, wash the sweat off your body with a cold shower and visit the Ice bath (the temperature should be around 10°C). Shower again and get ready to relax completely in Tepidarium.
  • It is the dive into Ice bath that makes sauna a truly pleasant and addictive experience.
  • In between visits to different types of saunas do not forget to rest for at least 15 minutes. Repeat the whole ritual 3x.
  • Do not forget to drink throughout your visit to the SPA. There is water and soda available.
  • After finishing your stay in the SPA take a shower without the soup, because that would disturb the pH of your skin. Apply body lotion and give yourself enough time to cool down in the changing rooms before changing into your clothes. Do not hurry, otherwise the process of sweating will continue.
  • After visiting saunas your body is ready for a possible massage.
  • People with symptoms of acute diseases (fever, cough, cold, diarrhea, …), people with infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract or people with open wounds are not allowed to enter the SPA.

Swimsuit does not belong to saunas. When temperatures are higher than 50°C the swimsuit leaks toxic substances. Therefore, use either a sheet, kilt or a towel. It also prevents you from leaving wet spots in saunas.
Saunas are beneficial but also physically tiring. Think of it as of a recreational sport.