Terms and conditions

    1. Basic provisions

      1. Grand Hotel**** Bachledka Strachan, operated by Strachan, s.r.o., 646 059 55 Ždiar. The accommodation facility is categorized as a hotel of **** class, which provides accommodation, catering wellness and additional services.
      2. These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the T&C) regulate the method of booking services provided by the hotel operator, through the reception or online booking system on the website www.hotelbachledka.sk, its subpages and subdomains.
      3. All conditions not covered by these GTC are governed by the GTC and the hotel’s accommodation rules published on the hotel’s website.
    2. Selecting and booking services

      1. The Operator undertakes to provide and ensure the services to the extent that it offers them at the time of booking.
      2. When booking additional services, the Customer is only entitled to the number of services that he/she has duly booked. In this case, it is the booking confirmation that is decisive, which is a document for both the operator and the customer.
      3. The Customer is entitled to make additional additions to the booking and to extend the booked services at any time after the booking has been made.
    3. Payment terms

      1. The services offered on the hotel’s website can be paid by bank transfer, credit card or advance invoice.
        If you choose to pay by credit/debit card, a deposit of 50-100% of the price of the services booked, which is generated by the system at the time of booking, is required to confirm a binding reservation of services.
      2. If you choose to pay by bank transfer to the hotel’s account, a deposit of 50-100% of the price of the booked services is required to confirm a binding reservation.
      3. If you choose to pay by advance invoice, it is necessary to pay 50-100% of the advance invoice at least 14 working days before arrival.
      4. Payment details. Account owner: Strachan, s.r.o. ; Bank connection: SLSP, a.s., IBAN: SK1609000000000494126833; BIC: GIBASKBX.
      5. If the customer fails to pay the deposit for the stay by the due date, the reservation is automatically cancelled in full.
    4. Cancellation and refund of payments made

      1. Withdrawal from the contract and cancellation of the reservation of services must always be made as soon as possible, including the reason, in writing or by telephone, followed by a written confirmation with the following data of the customer: name and surname, permanent residence, date of stay, confirmation number of the reservation, e-mail contact from which the reservation was made, bank account number in IBAN format, including a document proving the ownership of the said account by the customer. Withdrawal from the contract can only be made through the hotel reception on the telephone number +421 908 507 773, by e-mail to the address: recepcia@hotelbachledka.sk or by post to Grand Hotel**** Bachledka Strachan, Bachledova dolina 695, 059 55 Ždiar
      2. By booking, the customer agrees to the full content of the cancellation conditions. In case of cancellation, the hotel has the right to charge cancellation fees, which are stated in the booking confirmation.
        Cancellation Policy:
        1. 28 days prior to the stay – 10% of the price of the stay
        2. 27 – 15 days prior to the stay – 50% of the price of the stay
        3. 14 – 0 days prior to the stay – 100% of the stay
        4. When selecting the non-refundable option, payment is 100% in advance with no refund
        5. Reservation can be changed once free of charge at least 29 days prior to arrival. Any further change with a fee of 20,-€ after consultation with the hotel reception.
      3. Regardless of the method of payment of the booked services by the Customer, the method of refund, if the Customer is entitled to it under these Terms and Conditions, is always made by bank transfer from the Service Provider’s account. The total amount of the refunded services in Euros shall be reduced by all costs associated with the original payment by the Customer (bank charges, service charges for card payments, other charges associated with the payment).
    5. Arrival and implementation of the stay

      1. Upon payment of the deposit for the stay, a proof of payment will be issued to the customer, which will confirm the reservation bindingly.
      2. Upon purchase of the stay voucher and after payment of the full price of the stay, a voucher will be issued and sent to the e-mail or postal address of the service provider, which the customer must necessarily present upon arrival at the hotel and check in at the hotel reception.
    6. Privacy Policy

      1. Grand Hotel**** Bachledka Strachan processes personal data in accordance with Act 18/2018 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Data and on Amendments and Additions to Certain Acts and with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”). We have taken appropriate technical, organisational and personnel measures in accordance with the EU Regulations and the relevant legislation of the Slovak Republic.
      2. For the purpose of registration of the guest, the following personal data are processed: first name , last name, residence, date of birth, ID number, obtained from the guest’s identity document provided by the guest prior to the actual accommodation.
      3. Personal data will be processed manually and automatically by Grand Hotel**** Bachledka Strachan directly through its authorised employees and further by processors appointed by Grand Hotel**** Bachledka Strachan on the basis of personal data processing contracts.
      4. List of entities to which the guest’s personal data may be disclosed: personal data will only be provided or disclosed to third parties on the basis of legal regulations.
      5. Personal data will be processed by Grand Hotel**** Bachledka Strachan for a period of 6 years from the last visit to the hotel.
      6. If the guest believes that his/her personal data is being unlawfully processed, he/she may lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, which for the territory of the Slovak Republic is the Office for Personal Data Protection (www.uoou.sk).

    These OPs enter into force and effect on 01.05.2020