Sauna World

Steam sauna

Recommended length of stay10-15 minTemperature43-47°CAir humidity98-100%

Relaxing, regenerating and revitalizing effect, strengthens immunity and relaxes the respiratory tract, inhalation helps with allergies, rhinitis and all respiratory diseases. Staying in the steam sauna purifies the skin of the body. Steam helps us to remove waste substances and promotes skin elasticity. The steam bath is especially beneficial for the respiratory tract, weakened blood vessels or clots. The effect of the steam relaxes the muscles and causes overall relaxation of the body.

Finnish dry sauna

Recommended length of stay10-15 minTemperature70-90°CAir humidity20-30%

Regenerative strengthening of the immune system, prevention against colds and overall blood circulation of the body, skin and muscles. The high air temperature in the Finnish sauna helps to increase body perspiration, thus ridding the body of toxic substances. Staying in the dry sauna has a beneficial and relaxing effect on the psyche. Always finish your sauna session with a short shower and cooling down in the cooling pool. You will feel a few years younger after each sauna session.

Infrared sauna

Recommended length of stay15-20 minTemperature40-55°CAir humidity10-30%

It stimulates the muscles and organs, warms the body to a greater depth, resulting in strong sweating, thus cleansing the body, removing toxic substances and heavy metals.
The invisible infrared rays provide heat that acts on the body like the sun’s rays without the harmful UV rays. Staying in an infrared sauna helps in weight loss, fat loss, heals acne conditions, eczema, psoriasis, burns and soothes scars on the skin.

Salt Himalayan sauna

Recommended length of stay10-15 minTemperature30°CAir humidity50%

Inhalation has a beneficial effect on the entire nervous system. Himalayan salt helps to cure skin diseases, as well as respiratory diseases and allergies. The sun’s rays trapped in the salt crystals during evaporation, together with the mineral reserves of the so-called “air vitamins” such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, iodine, bromine and manganese, have a cleansing, rejuvenating and healing effect on the whole body. Improves the quality of sleep. The microclimate in the salt sauna is bacteriologically very clean.

Kneipp bath

The Kneipp bath is one of the treatments that stimulate blood circulation. By alternately heating and cooling the feet with water, blood vessels dilate and blood circulation improves.
One chamber is filled with warm water (40 – 50°C), the other chamber with cool water (10 – 16°C). The bottom is made up of a textured surface that positively irritates the reflex zones of the foot. During the treatment, enter the warm bath first, then move to the cold bath, repeating the cycle 6 – 10 times, finishing with cold water and thoroughly wiping the feet dry.
The healing method is effective for frequent colds and immunity problems, headaches and neck pain, joint pain, sleep disorders, cardiovascular diseases including hypertension and weight problems.

Cooling pool

Recommended length of stay1-2 minTemperature8-15°C

Cooling down your body after a hot sauna session (in a Finnish or steam sauna) is essential. The classic procedure of cooling the body with a shock of cold water, returns the blood circulation to a stable state after overheating in the sauna.
By rapidly heating and then cooling, the blood vessels dilate and constrict, making them more elastic. Once the blood vessels in the skin have dilated during sauna bathing, these blood vessels react to the cold by contracting and then re-warming, triggering an explosion of energy and a rush of happiness hormones in the cells.


Recommended length of stay15 minTemperature33-36°C

Hot water accompanied by body massage promotes blood circulation and lymphatic gland activity. The affected tissue gains better access to oxygen and beneficial nutrients. The healing process is accelerated. At the same time, as the water pressurizes the body, tension in most muscle groups decreases. The body gradually enters a state of complete relaxation. It is also suitable for asthmatics and people suffering from respiratory problems. It also combats sad and depressed mood.


Recommended length of stayunlimitedTemperature36-40°C

Enter an oasis of peace, relaxation and regain the harmony of body and soul. Relax on the comfortable loungers and enjoy the atmosphere of the unspoiled unspoiled nature of the Black Maple Valley around you and immerse your eyes in the enchanting sky. Treat your body to the radiant dry heat on the heated loungers.
The tepidarium serves for a slight overheating and is a suitable preparation of the body before the sauna itself as well as a suitable supplement for the overall relaxation of the body after the sauna.
The Tepidarium is also suitable for people with cardiovascular problems or for people who prefer a less warm environment.


After the hot procedure, it is advisable to cool down the body with an intensive full body massage with ice. The massage can be combined with immersion of the feet in hot and cold water in a Kneipp bath. The freezing ice crystals on the back of the neck can treat headaches and have a beneficial effect on the general circulation and hardening of the body.