Hotel conversion

What all has changed

At the end of March 2019, we said goodbye to Hotel Bachledka****Strachan in its former form. After ten years of operation, we felt it was time for a change and it needed some adjustments and innovations.

The hotel was awaiting extensive renovation and modernization and within this we have increased the level of services provided. New luxury suites and spacious family rooms were built, which we lacked until now. The wellness area has also undergone changes, which is now bigger and the long-awaited swimming pool has been added. The massage rooms for couples and the relaxation room with music are certainly an interesting novelty.
The exterior of the hotel has also changed significantly, drawing on elements of the architecture of the famous masters Witkiewicz and Jurkovič. One of such elements are, for example, the turrets similar to those on the Wellness Pension*** Strachan. For the greater comfort of our guests, new parking spaces have also been added directly at the hotel.