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Relax with a holiday voucher with us

You can use holiday vouchers from your employer for your stay at Grand hotel*** Bachledka Strachan. Here is the exact procedure on how to redeem these vouchers

How to use your employer's holiday allowance


If you are employed by a company with more than 49 employees and have worked for that company for at least 24 months, you can apply for a holiday allowance in Slovakia – a so-called holiday voucher – from your employer.


Choose from our stays with a minimum of 2 nights. The voucher can be used for one or more stays during the calendar year, up to a maximum of € 275 / calendar year.


At Grand Hotel**** Bachledka Strachan you can either pay by card and after successful verification you will receive an accommodation voucher and an invoice – you don’t have to prove anything to your employer. Or, if your employer does not use the electronic holiday voucher, you will submit a receipt (invoice) from us no later than 30 days after the end of the holiday, on which your name, the date of your stay and the total price of the stay or holiday package are indicated.


Your employer will reimburse you 55% of the total amount you paid for your stay, up to a maximum of €275. If you have not used the entire holiday voucher for one purchase, you can use the holiday allowance on your next purchase of our home stays. You are entitled to a total of €275 per year, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Our offer of the best stays

Choose from our home stays for a minimum of 2 nights, or our great value holiday packages for which you can use a holiday voucher. You can save up to € 275.

Frequently asked questions about holiday vouchers and home leave allowances

When do I qualify for the holiday allowance in Slovakia?

Any employee (private, public or state) who has worked in a company with more than 49 employees for at least 24 months and has a contract of employment is entitled to the allowance (contract workers are not legally entitled to the allowance – the employer can provide the allowance voluntarily). Contributions can also be used by sole traders, who can put them towards their expenses and reduce their tax base.

How do I apply for a recreation allowance?

Upon completion of the placement, you will bring your employer a receipt (invoice) for the placement, and your employer is obliged to reimburse you 55% of the total amount, up to a maximum of €275/year. The original invoice must contain the name of the establishment where the holiday or the whole package took place with a minimum of two overnight stays, the name of the employee, the date and the price of the stay. The receipt will be issued by the reception as soon as the payment has been made.

What is the value of the holiday voucher?

The employer is obliged to contribute 55 % of the employee’s recreation expenses, up to a maximum of € 275 per calendar year. In the case of an employee who has a part-time employment contract, the maximum amount of the recreation voucher shall be reduced in proportion to the shorter working hours.

Can I use the holiday voucher for only one stay?

You don’t have to use the holiday allowance for just one stay. You can also split it over several stays. You will be reimbursed continuously for invoices from stays in Slovakia, up to a maximum of €275 per calendar year. Unused allowance cannot be carried over to the next calendar year.

What can I use the recreation allowance for?

  • accommodation for at least two nights in the Slovak Republic, which may include catering services
  • for a holiday package containing accommodation for at least two nights and catering services or other services related to recreation in the Slovak Republic
  • for tourism services connected with accommodation for at least two overnight stays in the Slovak Republic
  • for extracurricular activities during holidays (children’s camp) in the territory of the Slovak Republic for a child of an employee attending primary school or one of the first four years of an eight-year grammar school

How can the recreation allowance be made?

The contribution can be made in two ways:

a) Direct reimbursement of expenses on the basis of an invoice, which must bear the employee’s name, to be submitted to the employer within 30 days of the end of the stay.

(b) An electronic holiday voucher linked to a person in the form of an electronic payment card.

Check with your employer about the specific method of reimbursement for your home leave.

How can I pay for my holiday?

You can choose any stay for at least two nights from our offer. Grand Hotel Bachledka Strachan will issue you a receipt with your name on it immediately after payment, which you will submit to your employer within 30 days of the end of your holiday, who will pay you the allowance at the next pay date or as agreed.

Who can benefit from the holiday allowance with the employee

The staff member may also use the recreation allowance for his/her family members: spouse, partner, parents and persons with whom he/she lives in the same household and who participate in the stay with the staff member.

If both spouses work for companies with more than 49 employees for more than 24 months and take a shared holiday, can they both be reimbursed by their employer?

If both would like to claim this benefit, we recommend that you apply to split the bill into two invoices, each of which can be reimbursed by your employer for 55% of the cost, up to a maximum of €275 per year. However, if the total amount of the stay is up to €500, you can only have one employer reimburse the invoice and the other spouse can identically use the same option for the next stay.

Is a parent on maternity or parental leave also entitled to the recreation allowance?

All employees who have been employed by the employer for a continuous period of at least 24 months in a company employing more than 49 employees are entitled to the allowance. So even those on maternity or parental leave are entitled to the holiday allowance.

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