Gastronomy for guests

We firmly believe that you will be enchanted not only by the gourmet experience but also by the design gems of our two restaurants. Stroll through the unique spaces of our hotel and breathe in the atmosphere of the Goral-Russian restaurant Zuzana and the Old Viennese restaurant Sisi, both architecturally elaborated to the last detail.

The combination of wood, stone, a blazing fire in the fireplace with a view of the ski track or the Belianske Tatras complements and enhances the experience of meals prepared in a traditional and culinary way.

Our chef Matko puts an indescribable dose of the most important ingredient into every dish and that is love.

We try to combine our love for cooking, ingredients and the people we cook for with local traditions.

Try our traditional flour specialties of grandmothers, delicious meat delicacies enriched with new interesting flavors or let the dessert from the home confectionery stand out at the end.

Breakfast 7:30 -10:00

Open your eyes and wake up to a beautiful morning with the feeling that your first meal of the day is already being prepared by someone else.

The feeling is indescribable.

A wide variety of colourful ingredients and dishes, sweet baked goodies to go with it and a glass of chilled bubbles to wash it all down.

The cold breakfast buffet offers several types of cold cuts, hams, cheeses, freshly chopped vegetables,

a variety of homemade spreads, jams, delicious yoghurts, cereals. In the warm buffet you will surely find eggs in various ways, roasted bacon, quality sausages, hot porridge or grilled vegetables. Fragrant breakfast cakes, several types of bread and pastries, and last but not least, the always daily baked cake. Health food enthusiasts will be pleased with the selection of dried fruit and nuts. Most of the time, we all start the morning with a cup of good quality coffee or a tasty cup of tea. The little ones are comforted with milk, cocoa or fruit water.

We are happy to cater for specific client needs, such as food intolerances, in consultation with you.

Front cooking or otherwise waiting for your favourite egg omelette with fresh ingredients turns into anticipation with an experience.

Dinner 18:00-20:30

Always start with a hot soup from our menu, choose from a wide range of hot dishes of all kinds. We prepare meat specialties, roasted, grilled, stewed. Traditional dishes that have always satiated our ancestors such as bryndzové gnocchi, strapacka with bacon, stuffed pierogi with cream or homemade moskole with bryndza. If you want to look healthy, don’t bypass the salad bar with dressings and seeds, fresh fruit bowls or always something for vegetarians or vegans.

For any intolerances or special dietary requirements, please arrange with our chef who will prepare anything for you.

Themed dinners – daily prepared directly in front of the guest in the form of front cooking fish, fresh meats, vegetables. Goral evening or barbecue with live country music on the terrace of the hotel is always a favorite dinner that will add an unforgettable charm to your stay. If you want to feel unique, treat yourself to a Titanic themed dinner accompanied by piano music, where you will be waited on and served a first-class ocean liner menu.

Never forget a bottle of quality wine, which will add uniqueness and originality to any dinner.

Most people have a desire to eat healthy and lose weight, but never make these resolutions during your stay at our hotel.

Make yourself at home, come back whenever you feel like seeing us again and for us it will be the best reward!