Ski Centre Strachan

Enjoy a unique skiing in the lap of Spišská Magura and Belianske Tatras. Ideal slopes for beginners and families with children. 3.7 km of slopes await you.

Ski Cross
A cross-country ski slope with terrain – jumps, waves and switchbacks, which is suitable for every skier, including the smallest visitors to the resort. The difficulty is easy to medium, the length of the track is 550 metres.

Ski Bag Jump
An inflatable bag that is for the more adventurous skiers and snowboarders. Try out jumps and tricks in the air with the confidence of a soft rebound. The bag is available every day in good weather conditions.

Jump Track
A track for adrenaline lovers. On this slope you will enjoy ski and snowboard jumps to the fullest. It is designed for more experienced skiers who are not afraid of jumps and tricky turns. The length of the track is 450 metres.

Enchanted forest
A cross-country ride through a beautiful snow-covered forest where various fairy-tale creatures await you. The track is especially popular with children, who make their way through the various paths in the forest. However, you also need to be a bit careful and wear goggles just in case.

Riding a Rattrack
Try an adrenaline ride and experience the slope from a different perspective than you are used to. Experience grooming the slope with a groomer before night skiing. Climb into the cab or directly into the cab of the groomers Stefan and Milan and enjoy the noise of the groomer.

Retro toboggan
A popular winter attraction at Strachan Ski Centre for whole families or groups in retro style. Borrow the straw-filled sacks and enjoy the downhill ride on the sack.

Ski Carousel
Children need to be entertained not only on the slope. The Ski Carousel is designed for smaller children.

Recommended visit time: 8 h
Distance from hotel: 6,3 km

Ždiar 530
05955 Ždiar
GPS: 49.2761755, 20.2368419

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