Ľubovňa Castle

Above Stara Ľubovňa towers the Ľubovňa Castle. It was famous for meetings of kings, hiding Polish crown jewels and imprisoning Móric Beňovský, a nobleman, traveller and king of Madagascar.

The oldest part of the castle is the round tower with massive supporting pillars and the adjacent Gothic palace. Both originally fortified buildings, standing on the highest point of the cliff, were enclosed by a perimeter wall and the building was entered through a gate in the wall. Slightly younger is the palace situated to the east. These buildings form the upper castle with a courtyard. The perimeter walls of the buildings have been preserved to a considerable height, and on the Gothic palace there are remnants of Renaissance attics and Renaissance window lining and cornices. Due to the terrain, the other two courtyards are terraced. In the second courtyard, a building with a sub-barrier was added to the gate, and the castle was defended by a large cannon bastion in the east and a heart-shaped cannon bastion in the west below the gate. Later, another palace was added to the perimeter fortification on the eastern side. A Baroque palace (1642) was added to the building on the west side and a chapel on the terrace. The last, third courtyard faces southeast in front of the great bastion and protects the entrance to the site with a gate of 1664, which had a drawbridge. The walls of this courtyard partly preserve the attic.

Recommended visit time: 2,5 h
Distance from hotel: 34,4 km

Zámocká 22
06401 Stará Ľubovňa
GPS: 49.3152007, 20.6993795

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