Accommodation Regulations

    1. Basic provisions

      1. Grand Hotel**** Bachledka Strachan, operated by Strachan, s.r.o., 646 059 55 Ždiar. The accommodation facility is categorized as a hotel of **** class, which provides accommodation, catering wellness and additional services.
      2. The hotel provides accommodation only to a duly registered guest – upon presentation of a valid identification card, passport or other proof of identity.
      3. The receptionist will issue the guest an accommodation card with his/her name, room number, length of stay, access card to the room immediately upon arrival.
    2. Reservations and accommodation

      1. By using the online booking system, the client declares that he/she is at least 18 years of age and has the capacity to acquire rights and assume obligations on his/her own behalf.
      2. The hotel is obliged to respond in time to every order for accommodation services. Orders for accommodation services shall be accepted in writing or by other means.
        Orders that have been confirmed by the Hotel and not cancelled by the Customer in time shall be mutually binding.
      3. The hotel is obliged to accommodate the guest from 14.00 hours at the earliest and until 24.00 hours at the latest.
      4. Guests who request accommodation before the check-in time also pay for the previous night’s accommodation or early check-in fee according to the valid price list and check-in time.
      5. The hotel does not have a single room. If a guest books a single room, the second bed is charged at 80% of the total price per bed.
      6. The hotel provides services in the quality and scope determined by the relevant decree on the categorization and classification of accommodation and catering facilities, according to which the hotel has been classified.
      7. In exceptional cases, the hotel may offer different accommodation than agreed, as long as it is not substantially different from the confirmed booking.
      8. Only persons who are free from infectious diseases are allowed to stay at the hotel.
      9. The hotel will give the guest an accommodation card upon check-in with the guest’s name, room number, arrival and departure date and time for vacating the room on the last day of the stay.
      10. The hotel is entitled to request from the guest who has not paid a deposit of 100% of the price of the stay upon booking – the balance due upon arrival, credit card identification or cash deposit.
      11. Guests without a guaranteed reservation usually pay the bill upon arrival.
      12. For accommodation and other services, the guest is obliged to pay the prices in accordance with the valid price list, which is available at the hotel reception or at the individual resorts of the hotel.
      13. Guests are required to present a valid accommodation card upon arrival at the hotel, as well as when ordering other services during their stay on the hotel bill, which we ask guests to confirm with their signature.
      14. The guest uses the room at the time agreed with the hotel. To ensure the guest’s comfort, the guest agrees to the cleaning and maintenance of the rooms assigned to him/her for the purpose of carrying out his/her duties by the hotel’s caretaker and maintenance staff or the hotel’s manager; this does not apply if the door is marked with a “DO NOT CLEAN” tag.
      15. If the guest requests an extension, the hotel may provide a different room than the one he/she originally stayed in.
      16. If the check-in time has not been agreed in advance, the guest must vacate the room no later than 10.00 a.m. on the last day of the stay. If the guest fails to do so by the due date, the hotel may charge the next day’s stay. Please check with reception for late check-out charges.
      17. The hotel is liable for items brought by the client into the accommodation facility, as well as for damage to the removed items only if these items have been stored in a place reserved for this purpose, but up to a maximum of 334,- €. The hotel shall be liable for money, valuables and documents without limitation if it has taken them into custody against a receipt.
      18. Guests receive visitors in the hotel’s common areas. In the accommodation area, visitors are only allowed with the permission of the receptionist after entering in the guest book between 8:00 and 22:00.
      19. These accommodation regulations are binding for all visits to the rooms. The guest who has booked the accommodation and is staying in the room is responsible for the compliance of the person(s) visiting him/her in the room.
      20. In justified cases, the receptionist has the right not to allow a visit to the room.
      21. The guest does not move the hotel equipment without the consent of the responsible employee, does not make modifications or any interference with the electrical network or other technological installation.
      22. The guest shall not use any electrical appliances in the room, except for appliances intended for personal hygiene (shavers or massagers, hair dryers, etc.).
      23. In case of illness or injury, the hotel will provide medical assistance or transport to hospital.
      24. When leaving the room, the guest is obliged to close the water taps, turn off the electric lights and other appliances (radio, TV, etc.) in the room and adjacent areas and close the windows and doors.
      25. For safety reasons, children under 10 years of age are not allowed to be left in the room or other areas of the hotel without adult supervision. Communal areas, children’s play area, playground, swimming pool and spa.
      26. The guest does not bring sports equipment and objects for the storage of which there are reserved areas in the room.
      27. From 22:00 – 06:00 it is quiet at night. The guest is not allowed to have noisy parties, singing, loud TV or radio programs in the rooms or in the corridors of the hotel, he is obliged to observe the night silence.
      28. In case of violation of this regulation, after repeated warning by the receptionist or other responsible hotel staff or police, the hotel operator is entitled to cancel the booked accommodation the next morning without refunding the accommodation deposit paid.
      1. If the guest has taken advantage of the minibar in the room, he/she is obliged to pay for the consumption at the latest on the day of departure from the accommodation. Otherwise, the hotel operator is entitled to additionally charge the detected balance according to the valid price list to the payment card and to charge a contractual penalty of 100% to the price.
      2. If the guest has damaged or defaced the hotel facilities in any way, he/she is obliged to report it to the hotel reception immediately, at the latest at the moment of his/her departure. It is up to the hotel operator how to deal with the compensation of the damage from the responsible guest. The guest is liable for any damage caused to the hotel property according to the applicable legislation.
      3. The hotel will only accommodate an animal brought by the guest upon proof of its perfect health.
        animal’s health certificate/. The price for the placement of animals is charged on the basis of the valid
        price list for accommodation with an animal.
        The following measures apply to the accommodation of animals:
      4. Dogs and other animals may only be placed on the premises of the accommodation facility with
        with the consent of the accommodation facility. It is the guest’s responsibility to report the stay in advance with
        dog during the initial communication and subsequent booking.
      5. Dogs and other animals are forbidden to enter and stay in other areas of the accommodation
        where food is stored, food and drinks are prepared.
      6. In all public areas of the facility, dogs must have a basket and be on a leash.
      7. Pets are not allowed in the hotel premises, including the hotel room
        left unattended by the guest / dog owner.
      8. Animals must not be allowed to rest – lying on a bed/couch or other equipment,
        that is used for the guest’s rest. It is not allowed to use baths, showers or
        sinks for bathing or washing animals.
      9. Inventory used for feeding dogs and other animals may not be used to prepare
        or serving food to guests.
      10. The guest/owner of the animal is obliged to allow at least a room check during the stay.
        once a day for possible damage /e.g. excessive pollution.
      11. The guest/owner of the animal is obliged to clean up animal excrements in the premises.
      12. The guest/owner of the animal who is staying with the animal is responsible for compliance with
        night-time quiet hours from 22:00 – 6:00 h. h.
      13. Liability for damage caused by an animal to the property of the accommodation facility
        shall be borne by the guest/owner of the animal who is staying with him/her.
      14. The accommodation facility is entitled to request an advance payment upon check-in
        for any damages caused by the dog /e.g. scratching of furniture, soiling
        carpets, hotel linen with urine or other excrements from the animal.
      15. He is entitled to claim the advance either in cash or by preauthorising the amount from a credit
        the animal owner’s card.
      16. After the end of the stay and subsequent checking of the hotel room, the accommodation is
        the accommodation facility is obliged to refund the deposit in full if no damage has been incurred
        to the owner of the animal.
      17. In the event of damage to the hotel room, the accommodation facility is entitled to
        withhold the full amount of the deposit and subsequently use it to repair the damage
      18. The fire regulations, evacuation plan and evacuation direction signs are posted in the accommodation facility in a visible and accessible place for the guests staying in the hotel. Guests are obliged to follow these instructions during their stay.
      19. Guest complaints and any suggestions for improvement are received by the hotel management.
      20. A book of wishes and complaints is available in an accessible place at the hotel reception.
      21. The client is obliged to comply with the provisions of these Accommodation Regulations from the moment of renting the room. In the event of a serious breach, the hotel management has the right to withdraw from the contract for the provision of accommodation services even before the expiry of the agreed period.
      22. According to special regulations /§ 39 of the Postal Regulations/, the accommodation facility accepts parcels addressed to guests accommodated or guests who have ordered accommodation services. They are obliged to deliver these parcels to the addressees and, if this is not possible, to return them.
      23. The hotel offers its guests parking. For security reasons, we recommend not leaving valuables in the car.
      24. Individual clients or guides on group tours are obliged to pay the advance payment for the agreed accommodation and other services in cash, by bank transfer or by credit card on request before the start of the stay. The client who has paid the price of the agreed services in advance is obliged to provide his/her credit card details at check-in. The hotel guarantees that the credit card information will not be misused. In the event that the client does not check in despite the reservation, the hotel is entitled to charge a cancellation fee for 1 night, unless otherwise agreed.
      25. The client agrees that the hotel in accordance with Act No. 52/1998 Coll. on the protection of personal data to process his/her data. The personal data provided by the client may be processed by the hotel exclusively in connection with the provision of accommodation and other services and, in the case of foreigners, also for the needs of the foreign police. The hotel undertakes to take such measures so that the processing of the client’s personal data does not lead to misuse of the client’s personal data.
        The hotel may also withdraw from the contract before the expiry of the agreed period if, despite prior notice, the client grossly violates good manners during the stay or if he/she grossly or repeatedly violates the obligations arising from the accommodation regulations.
      26. In the event of a complaint about the services provided, the hotel and the guest are obliged to follow the Complaints Procedure available on request at the reception.
    3. Information on the handling of personal data

      1. Grand Hotel**** Bachledka Strachan processes personal data in accordance with Act 18/2018 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Data and on Amendments and Additions to Certain Acts and with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”). We have taken appropriate technical, organisational and personnel measures in accordance with the EU Regulations and the relevant legislation of the Slovak Republic.
      2. For the purpose of registering the guest, the following personal data is processed: name , surname, residence, date of birth, ID number, obtained from the guest’s ID document provided by the guest prior to the actual accommodation.
      3. Personal data will be processed manually and automatically by Grand Hotel**** Bachledka Strachan directly through its authorised employees and further by processors appointed by Grand Hotel**** Bachledka Strachan on the basis of personal data processing contracts.
      4. List of entities to which the guest’s personal data may be disclosed: personal data will only be provided or disclosed to third parties on the basis of legal regulations.
      5. Personal data will be processed by Grand Hotel**** Bachledka Strachan for a period of 6 years from the last visit to the hotel.
      6. If the guest believes that his/her personal data is being unlawfully processed, he/she may lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, which for the territory of the Slovak Republic is the Office for Personal Data Protection (

    Accommodation regulations are valid from 01.05.2020