Accommodation price list

How do you find out the price of your stay?

You can easily find out the price for your stay by selecting a specific date in our booking system. Choose the date, the number of people, or even the age of the children.
Our booking system will immediately calculate the final price of your stay. You can choose from stays with breakfast, half board or various thematic and seasonal packages.

How to choose the best price for your stay?

  • The price of accommodation for a specific date of stay is subject to change. The earlier you book your stay, the better the price. Therefore, it is best to book your stay immediately.
  • In case you do not receive an offer for your chosen date in the booking system, select another date in the calendar that suits you and is offered as free (marked with a green pipe).
  • Another reason why the system does not offer a specific stay may be that you are looking for a stay for fewer nights than we offer our guests for that date. You can see the minimum number of nights for a reservation on a given date in the calendar marked with a small red number in a circle.
  • To choose the dates according to the best price, click on the calendar icon next to the specific room type. Choose the dates at a price that suits you.
  • If the system does not offer you any available rooms, please contact us by email or phone. We will be happy to check accommodation options for you directly at the reception.